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I am often asked if I need anything from the bride or groom. The answer is I need you to let me know how I can best help you. This page was created to help you plan and organize your day, which in turn will help me best plan for your big day. Please give this page a read; I strongly believe it is a useful tool that any wedding party can use to have a successful photo experience. 

How can I prepare for my big day?

Do you have any photo ideas you want to try? Not sure where to start brainstorming? I always recommends that if you have pinterest make a private board and share it with me. That way I can get a sense of what your style is. Not a pinterest kind of person? Google image search some images and send them to me via email. Not a planner? That’s ok, we can make it up as we go.

Family Photo Preparations:

To be honest this is the most stressful part of wedding photos. Wrangling family can be tough. I recommend making a list of all the groups and variants of groups you want to have photographed (example: bride, groom, and both sets of parents; bride, groom, and her parents; bride, groom, and his parents; etc.) Be sure to give this list to your photographer. That way you don’t have to worry about remembering it day of the wedding. I got you covered.

I have a crazy idea for a photo but it involves some Photoshop. Can you do it?

YES!! Photoshop is like a drug to me, and yes I would love to help you make something creative and fun. Share with me any ideas you may have (running from a t-rex, fighting with light sabers, magic with Harry Potter wants, whatever. Lets do this!

Get me a list of VIPs:

I would really love it if I was provided a list of names I need to know. Bridal party members, parents of the bride and groom, and any other important people I should know the names of. This DOES NOT mean give me your whole guest list. Just the people that may be following us around all day or that you feel I should know.

Know your locations ahead of time:

Pick out where you want the location of your photos to be. Knowing this can help me out a lot. I can research lighting in the area, creating ideas of poses before we get to the location, etc. It can also help you plan your timeline better for your day, should you want more than one location.

Be reasonable when planning time for photos vs travel time to locations:

If your not really sure what to do here, please talk to me. I can help you have a better idea of how long photos will take vs driving to each location. This is really important for when you are making a schedule for your wedding day.

Prepare a schedule of the day for the photographer:

I need to know what to expect the day of the wedding. It will help me plan things better on my end. Once you have a schedule of the day please send me a copy.

Random stuff you should bring:

If your wedding is on a warm sunny day bring sunscreen and water. I have seen to many bridal parties burn in the sun because they didn’t bring sunscreen, and too many have headaches at the reception because they didn’t think to bring water. Stay hydrated, stay protected, keep having fun.

Plan for weather:

Either have a backup indoor location plan, or come prepared to get wet (umbrellas and rubber boots can make for cute photos). Don’t just assume the weather will be on your side. I wish it always was, but sadly, that is not our reality. Best to just be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

When in doubt, ask:

I have 10 years of wedding experience under my belt, and I have no problem sharing this cornucopia of knowledge. I would rather you ask questions, then worry about something I may be able to help you with. No question is too silly or weird. When in doubt, ask.

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