Wedding Packages

In the event  that the wedding packages do not suit your needs we have an à La Carte option. This means tell me what you want and we will work out a price for you. 

** A deposit worth 30% of your final price is required to reserve your day. Should your wedding be cancelled 30+ days prior to the wedding you will be reimbursed 30% of your deposit. **

Package 1:  Formals OR Ceremony only ($350.00)

Formals are photos of the bride and groom, plus family, the wedding party, and private photos of just the bride and groom (includes 20 images with full edits, and family photos. All family photos will be included on your disc). Ceremony only includes the ceremony (so ring exchanges, vows, kiss etc.)

Package 2: Ceremony AND Formals ($600.00)

This includes everything described above, but you receive both the ceremony photos and formals (this includes 20 of the formals, and all family photos as well.)

Package 3: Ceremony, Formals, Reception ($950.00-$1050.00)

This package includes full coverage of the ceremony, the 20 formals (same as above,) along with all family photos, as well as full coverage of the reception OR you may choose to have a photobooth at your reception (If you would prefer the photobooth please inform me as to whether or not you would still like the main events of the reception photographed IE: first dance, cake cutting, flower tossing etc.) NOTE: The photobooth is an additional $100.00 to compensate the photographer needing to bring extra equipment (studio lights, props, etc.)

Package 4: Full Day Coverage ($1200.00+)

Full day coverage includes all of Package 3, and includes the preparation of the bride or groom (if the client would prefer to have the bride and groom followed please inform the photographer as an additional cost will be added to pay for a second photographer for the morning. This cost will depend on the photographer that is contracted out to help. This cost is usually under $100.00.) 

General Photo Packages

Quotes are based per package. Prints, design, long distance travel and other variables may affect the quoted price. Any files lower then 250dpi are included in the packaged price. There is a $75.00 charge for higher resolution photos. Any questions you may have can be directed to Amanda.

Individual Portraits: $100.00

This includes one person, at their chosen location (studio environment or other) and any basic post work (meaning basic photoshop of any blemishes, out of place hair, etc.)

Couples: $150.00 Talk to Amanda about our engagement specials

Any couple together with up to two pets if desired (as they are part of the family too) at their chosen location (studio environment or other), and any basic post work.

Family Portraits (3+ people): $200

This category is not just for families. This is for any group of people, whose numbers is greater than three, seeking a clean professional portrait, at their chosen location (studio environment or other), and any basic post work. This price is not included for any group photos taken at an event we have been hired to photograph, such as weddings, anniversaries etc.

Events: $50.00/hour

Any event (with the exception of weddings) that you would like photographed, such as a retirement party, anniversary etc. The price may change if your event requires me to bring an additional photographer or assistant. This all depends on the size of the event. We will discuss the details once you have contacted me, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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