Every spring, Edmonton transforms as cherry blossom trees burst into bloom, painting the city in shades of pink and white. These blossoms are not only a visual treat but also a symbol of renewal and fleeting beauty. Cherry blossom, or "sakura," has inspired artists and photographers for centuries with its delicate allure and ephemeral nature. In Edmonton specifically, these blossoms entice families to gather for family photos, couples to book engagement sessions, and bridal parties to pose for a unique and visually stunning photo experience. I like to recommend them for grad photos, since not only do the seasons overlap but the flowers are perfect for symbolizing the new chapter of every student's life they are about to embark on.

The Enchantment of Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are celebrated worldwide for their stunning beauty and the poetic symbolism they carry. They remind us of the beauty and transience of life, as the blossoms peak for only a couple of weeks before they gracefully fall away. This makes cherry blossom season a particularly poignant time for photography. Scheduling, planning, and executing photos on just the right date and time of day can be tricky, so knowing where to find these precious blooms can significantly improve your planning experience. 

Top Locations in Edmonton for Cherry Blossom Photography

  • University of Alberta Botanic Garden
  • The expansive gardens are home to several cherry trees that provide a spectacular backdrop for photos. The serene environment of the garden also allows for a variety of compositions—from close-up portraits to wide landscape shots. Note: You will need to pay an entrance fee, so be sure to include that in your client quotes. 

  • Legislature Grounds
  • With beautifully manicured lawns and multiple cherry trees, the Legislature Grounds offer a classic setting for spring photography. The iconic architecture of the Legislature building adds a regal touch to the soft, floral scenes. Notes: There is construction going on to the upper level North grounds by the pools, so you will want to keep your photo locations to the other areas of the park. 

  • Victoria Promenade:
  • This location is perfect for those looking for a blend of urban and natural elements in their photos. Offering river views, blossoms, and benches this location is great for smaller sessions. 

  • George F Hustler Memorial Plaza
  • This is my go-to location for cherry blossom images. A circular plaza lined with cherry trees along the river. There are beautiful benches and short steps that you can use for posing, as well as a well-manicured lawn that looks stunning with a blanket and the blossoms in the background. It is wheelchair accessible and pet-friendly. (Below images take at this location)

cherryy blossoms, sakura, edmonton, blooms, yeg, canada, alberta, photographer, photo locations, Amanda Swanson
cherryy blossoms, sakura, edmonton, blooms, yeg, canada, alberta, photographer, photo locations, Amanda Swanson
cherryy blossoms, sakura, edmonton, blooms, yeg, canada, alberta, photographer, photo locations, Amanda Swanson


  • Timing is Crucial: Plan your photo sessions for when the blossoms are in full bloom. In my experience the 3rd and 4th week of May in Edmonton tend to be pretty reliable for the blooming season, but you will want to keep your eye on the local blooming forecast, and there are plenty of facebook photographer groups that can be used as a reference. 
  • Visit Early or Late in the Day: To avoid crowds and capture the best light, visit your chosen location early in the morning or late in the afternoon during the Golden Hour. I personally prefer 2 hours before sunset time as this allows me to catch golden hour and the early hours of dusk. 
  • Incorporate Elements of the Environment: Use the surrounding scenery to add depth to your photos, whether it’s a local landmark, a pond, benches or a uniquely textured tree trunk. Layer elements to create mood and to help make your images more interesting. 
  • Experiment with Perspectives: Cherry blossoms look stunning from all angles. Try capturing them from below, looking up into the canopy, or use a zoom lens for detailed shots of individual flowers.

Why Cherry Blossom Photos Are Special?

Cherry blossom photos capture more than just the beauty of the blooms; they capture a moment in time that is both universal and intensely personal. Whether you're commemorating a family gathering, a new chapter in your life, or simply capturing the joy of spring, these photos hold the essence of the moment against the backdrop of nature’s delicate art.

Amanda Swanson Photography is passionate about creating beautiful, meaningful images that celebrate the beauty of nature and the human spirit. Let us help you capture the magic of cherry blossom season in Edmonton. Book your session today and keep the fleeting beauty of the blossoms alive forever through stunning photographs.